Kaejen UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS, Chargers and Inverter supply and maintenance services

Have you ever had your emergency system fail just when you need it most? Periodical maintenance can assist in preventing system failure.

Key Benefits

  • Battery failure can be identified during maintenance visits, preventing loss of your load during mains interruptions.
  • Cleaning can prevent short circuits within your equipment.
  • Loading can be monitored preventing overloads and circuit trips.

We can save you money and provide you with a great servic


UPS battery supply and installation

We supply and replace batteries to all types of equipment.

Do you need a new battery bank or individual cell? We can supply and fit all types and sizes of batteries. Some of the makes of UPS we service are Sola, Powerware, APC, Chloride, Marm, Liebert, Emerson, GE and many more.

Key Benefits

  • Dealing with a service company you will get the right battery for the right job.
  • Experience enables us to steer you towards reliable batteries.
  • Sometimes the environment makes the decision for you so ask us for more info.

Electrical installations and fault finding

We are licensed electrical contractors. We are able to offer a turnkey solution for UPS and other power installations. Why deal with three different companies when one will do?

Key Benefits

  • Sizing and suitability is handled by us, leaving no one else to blame.
  • One person to contact for the whole job.
  • Technicians are used to carry out installs meaning correct wiring first time with no delays.

Site Audits and Power analysis

Audits and power analysis visits can sometimes solve issues that have annoyed you for years. Have you ever had a power supply fail 3 times in a month? Maybe its your supply.

Key Benefits

  • Site wiring faults can cause all types of problems, we can provide answers.
  • Incorrect cabling practices are not only dangerous but they can corrupt data also.
  • We can guide you to the right solution for your power needs.

UPS rental and loan UPS at times of need

Sometimes unexpected failures occur and repair costs are not viable. We all know capital acquisitions take time and budgets are sometimes not that flexible. If you find yourself in an awkward position we may be able to help you with the supply of a rental UPS. If you need help contact us.

Key Benefits

  • Daily, weekly or monthly rates make rental cost effective.
  • If you need the UPS installed we can do it.
  • Peace of mind that your servers are protected until a new UPS is installed.

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